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About Us
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Mission / Objective  

The mission of Jewelry Arts & Design College is to provide students with educational programs in the field of gems and jewels that are practical, relevant, effective and convenient for them at an affordable price. These quality educational programs are delivered by our highly competent and dedicated faculty members, who have excellent educational backgrounds and professional experiences, which are essential to enrich the students' learning experiences and to produce competent graduates at their next level of endeavor in the challenging world of gems and jewels.

1. To provide a program in Jewelry Design, which will allow students to develop the skills needed to create and illustrate designs for a variety of jewelry;

2. To provide a program in Graduate Gemology, which will allow students to learn how to grade and identify diamonds and colored gems through extensive practice in a lab-like setting;

3. To provide a program in Graduate Jeweler, which will allow students to set stones, assemble, fabricate, modify and repair jewelry professionally. Students will also learn the foundation of knowledge in custom jewelry manufacturing;

4. To provide a program in Metal Arts where students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the advanced jewelry techniques such as sawing, filing, soldering and metal smithing and apply these advanced techniques, along with design fundamentals, to create works of personal expression;

5. To offer advancement opportunities to those students who are already in the jewelry field, by providing the latest relevant information and training in the development of technology.